Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Sunny Winter Westside Update

Sorry friends, for the long winter hibernation.  The Westside is really in bloom and in urgent need of a new blog update. So here we go.........

New Business on 19th West!!!!

Big Belly Deli

Sorry if the pic throws anyone off their appetite but a new Big Belly Deli HAS opened up in the old eVocal space on 19th West. These guys make awesome sandwiches ( literally two meals in one). They have their original location just down off PCH in west newport shores, but are here now and open for business. 

Mesa Verde may be celebrating ( finally) getting a new In-n-Out, (we've had ours forever), but new business ventures here on the Westside are greatly needed and appreciated. Our past restaurant start ups like Taco Mesa and Wahoo's, launched from right here, into restaurant fame. Lets make sure we embrace the BIG BELLY, eat there often and show support to these eclectic Westside Mom and Pop establishments. 

Focus on Schools



The little High School that could.......

Estancia High is the second smallest High school in Orange County,(Laguna Beach being the smallest). That notwithstanding , it offers some of the greatest programs around. 
We just came off a stellar football season , with an indominatble group of great young athletes with devoted adult commitment and leadership.

CETA Awards for 2011 "Theophilus North"

The award winning Drama department just competed and won numerous CETA Theatrical awards.

EHS Aquatics Girls and Boys BOTH went to CIF!!!

It ranks in the top 6th percentile in the nation for academic achievements and deserves our praise and support.

This has been a bottom up "Renaissaince"......starting with aggressive attention and work at the lower level  Elementary and Middle "feeder" Schools, by Students, Parents, Teachers, and Administrators, and we can't stop now!!!

Maintaining the growth and momentum we achieved over the last decade, is going to be a huge challenge facing our local PTA's and youth organizations going forward. The current positive economic forecasts are too little , too late to make a postive $$$$ impact. In essence , it is up to every family to help shoulder the burden to help pick up the slack.

State cuts are going to be rough. Up to $200 per student .

On the positive side we have a group of dedicated active parents , passionate and energized to meet these challenges, but we need ALL HANDS ON DECK, to help counter the budgetary shortfalls.

Huge Kudo's to Estancia Dad Steve Menginger and ALL the volunteers that helped with the big fundraiser this month. Costa Mesa United raised over $100,000 at the January 18th Mesa Verde Golf Classic that goes to benefit Youth sports and schools.....but we still need more.

What you can do.....

First opportunity is the Victoria Jog-a-Thon. Help sponser, or even better , help promote and gather sponsers to support this great event. Click on the link Victoria Jog-a-Thon for a downloadable , printable version of the letter that you can use to solicit financial support. Ask businesses, friends, relatives, and help us make this the strongest Jog-a-Thon ever.

The next thing is sign up for the PTA. Stay involved and informed. Time , talent or treasure. Try to donate at least one of these to your kids future.

Lets keep this great legacy booming!!!

State of the Union
"little pun"

Living in the Canyon Park Neighborhood over the years, (Union Ave. for example), we've seen a lot of changes.
Most , if not all, for the best.

Unfortunately, to read the papers or the blogs one would believe that we are living in a dark and unfriendly prelude to the END of DAYS.

One sunny stellar morning last week I witnessed a different scene......

Three houses in my immediate vicinity were going through drastic improvements. New walls, paint , roofs, landscape and irrigation systems, were being installed. Moving vans were lined up with new families moving in. A brand new baby was coming home to a young homeowner couple, who excitedly  showed me the new paint colors they were going to paint thier recently purchased home. Tyvek "paper house" on the corner of Victoria looks amazing.

I would hate to minimize the troubles many are facing through this economic cycle, but judging by the observations occuring right out my window and driving around the neighborhood, I'm sensing a change has come.

We still have a long way to go........but the Westside is definitely in bloom.

 Political Radar

Homeless Task Force -  The city of Costa Mesa is creating a Task force to address the issue of Homelessness and how it affects the city and it's residents. Specifically in the area around the Downtown Rec center and Lion's Park. Applications to join the Task Force can be found here...As this process moves forward I would encourage all residents to keep informed. Public hearings will be made available. Our input regarding this incredibly complex issue , with lots of moving parts, is important.

The Fairgrounds Issue-  This Thursday Jan. 27th the Fair Board holds the next meeting regarding the sale and future of the Fairgrounds. This has been an intense , complicated, roller coaster ride that currently has no end in sight. The three "newly appointed" (by Arnold) Board Members will be seated.

They were supposed to have a surprise Board meeting New Years Day. The sole purpose was to "quit claim" the Deed for the property over to the state. We were able to have that meeting cancelled by appealing to the judge regarding the Temporary Restraining Order against the sale. The New Governors office , through the new AG. , suggested they NOT have the meeting.

This Fair Board is still attempting to move forward the agenda of selling OUR fairgrounds. Piece by piece is they have to.

Our OC Fair was just recently recognized as being the 8th best in the Country. It's the longest running in the State, with the second largest revenues......but.......

 this  FAIR BOARD still DOESN"T GET IT!!!!!  Instead of acting as proper stewards of this treasured asset they continue forward with their plans to dismantle AND SELL IT OFF......

 This THURSDAY , they plan on discussing selling off the Pacific Ampitheatre to a private entity. The current status of the Sale and other issues.

Fair Board Meeting is Thursday , 88 Fair drive, in the Administration Building off Arlington.
The meeting is at 10:00 am sharp. Usually they start the Pledge to the Flag @ 9:55, so be on time.
Agenda can be found here.

Watchdogs are encouraged to attend......!!!!

I've gotten long winded in this blog version.....that's what I get for taking so long between updates.

Next up I want to introduce you to the Westside Mora Family. Our prayers are with you Vilma. 

I am glad your home Vilma......to help in any way you can with this wonderful family, please contact me @ gridgestudio@gmail.com


  1. Thank you for keeping Vilma and the Mora family in your prayers!

    -Westley (I'm in the video with them)

  2. Great Job John...I'm looking forward to stopping by this weekend and visiting with them.

  3. Gericault.

    Don't forget the stellar pie (pizza, that is)and superb beers on tap that Big Belly features as well. I'm with ya', it's wonderful to see businesses like this on our side of town....we gotta support them.

    Canyon Park is a wonderland this time of year. A pleasure to walk my dogs there daily and see all the splendor of Costa Mesa's finest and best-kept secret park.

  4. Right you are Joel.....nothing like the upper trail in the morning with it's Catalina views. I'm going to be networking across the business sector of the Westside in the next blog. Looking to showcase our great base , creativity and untapped potential......Thanks for reading . G

  5. Trinity Herbal Co-op just opened on Placentia. The Westside is really shapin' up!