Sunday, November 14, 2010

Westside Community Fall Update

The Westside REALLY is The Bestside.........

Huge win for our boys at Estancia High School.
Friday night they stomped the Mustangs , 35-6, to take the 1st place spot in the Orange Coast League in over 21 years. Our favorite son, senior Matt Carlyle ran a punt return for an 83 yard touch-down, if that wasn't exciting enough, you should have been sitting next to his mother Jane.
Sophmore Robert Murtha continues his awesome rushing streak, with the season continuing, he is just 15 yrds. shy of breaking the all time school record for the season.

Battle of the Bell
If you haven't been following our local schools football program it has definitely blossomed over the last couple years. The team has new uniforms, equipment, outdoor weight training facility, not to mention an incredible stadium with an ocean/mountain view. Friday Night lights have never shown brighter on the Westside.
They need your support!

Upcoming Fundraiser "Retire The Debt"

November 17th.     4:00 - 10:00
Avila's El Ranchito Restaurant   2101 Placentia Ave. 
20% of all dinner tabs go to help the Eagles.
How easy is that..?      Just go and have dinner at Avila's...don't have to twist my arm...

Retire the Debt on Facebook

The Great Fairgrounds Saga continues.........

Local Business Owners Sue to STOP THE SALE

Petition Link

Is it sold?.............not yet.
The partnership between the city of Costa Mesa and the Private Developer FMW is dead.
In fact, our dance partner FMW dumped us and went to the prom alone without us.....
The Governator forges ahead with his cronies in his effort to privatize the Fairgrounds for profit. It currently is in "escrow",with FMW, in a crazy deal that nets the State $20 million up front , yet finances the remaining balance over forty years. Hows that helping our budget?

This Friday, another slap in the face , when Costa Mesan Fair Board Member Dave Padilla was unceremoniously, thrown off his seat. He has been an outspoken critic of the sale, or in other words, has been doing his appointed responsiblity in stewarding our public asset.

Padilla taken off Fair Board

This fight is still raging on.........

Strong Fair Advocate Assemblyman Jim Silva

During a recent Meg Whitman for Governor rally, we were able to meet and garner suppotrt from every elected official attending the event. Jim Silva, Bill Campbell, Diane Harkey, Wendy Leece, and even the unvictorious Governor hopeful Meg Whitman.

This sale will have to have the blessing of the legislature and it is being watched carefully. While our new 68th Assemblyman-elect Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor has yet to make a statement, Assemblyman Jose Solorio has taken a stance opposing the sale and has legislation to kill the deal once and for all.

With a new Sheriff coming to town , Gov. elect Jerry Brown has shown no favor to this sale and in fact , even suspended legal representation to the Fair Board, as attorney general.

The clock is ticking......and we are holding our breath waitng for the other shoe to drop......
This week expect a new development.....

To stay informed check out this organization

Also on Facebook current updates and comments posted regularly    Facebook Derail the Sale

Alls "Not" Quiet on the Western Front.......Politically speaking!

Election Results!
New Council Members- Elect  Planning Commissioner Jim Righeimer, and
 Westside resident and incumbent Mayor pro tem Wendy Leece. Congratulations to you both!

The Westside longtime resident Chris McEvoy failed in his second attempt running for a seat.

JIM RIGHEIMER12,93431.7%
* WENDY LEECE11,53028.2%
CHRIS MCEVOY10,80326.4%

Council Member Katrina Foley successfully won a seat on the Newport Mesa School Board and will be leaving her council seat Dec. 14th, creating an opening for the new council to fill.
Foleys Upcoming Vacancy

Also City Manager Allan Roeder has announced his retirement after 25 years of service. 

Definitely a transitional period for our city's civic governance
Current Westside issues.......
Project Mobility, Yeah, I know....stupid name......great idea.

The Planning Commission in a recent study session is exploring an East/west bike trail connection from the Santa Ana River to Upper Newport Back Bay.
Community involvement would greatly help this project. Especially in the first planning stages.
City Study Bike Trail Connection

Santa ana River trail
Code Enhancement Pilot Program......

The Code Enhancement Pilot Program Target Area is the Sunshine home neighborhood. This area is Bordered by Estancia High school to the North, Placentia to the East, W. Wilson to the South and Republic to the West.
Basically the two main streets are Darrell and JoAnn. 

I 've been getting mixed signals on this issue. I've been told that they are NOT targeting Tradespeople work trucks with racks parked in front of their houses. Yet, while walking neighborhoods I met a resident who WAS ticketed for having his work truck in his driveway. He showed me his truck, a regular Ford , with a welded metal rack, and his name and phone number painted on the door. The resident also showing me a ticket he received, stating that it was classified AS A COMMERCIAL VEHICLE.
IMHO , this is completely Draconian, and ill-serves the residents of this community.

The issue regarding inoperative and commercial vehicles has been passed unanimously by the Planning Commission and is headed for the City council. 

I'm working on getting some clarification regarding if this is going to include work trucks. So far no answer.

I hate to come right out swinging at Jim Righeimer but this has been his issue. For some reason he really doesn't understand that people who work for a living like to park in their driveways. The other pet peeve of his is RV's in driveways. On the bright side , they are speedily green lighting more commericial parking storage facilities in the city. So when you are told to move it, there might be new spaces you can rent. 

City Council hears this item on Tuesday Nov. 16th

Council Meeting Agenda Nov.16th

I'll keep updating any current developments...........

***UPDATE   Steve Mensinger just replied back to my questions regarding work trucks.

"In terms of your question
Pickups and those with racks are exempt. The code applies to commercial vehicles over a certain size."

Enjoy the Indian Summer.........

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